DIGITAL EXPERIENCEA Tale of Two AI’s (Continued)

A Tale of Two AI’s (Continued)

Part 2 – Hype

Despite the hype, AI will not fully be transforming business models and marketing in the near future. Machines have yet to replace humans entirely. There are broad visions of AI communicating on demand and instantly transforming every marketing process. Unfortunately, AI is still in its infancy and any marketer who claims AI will be a panacea to every marketing problem is buying too much of the hype.

The numbers reflect the gap between what is imagined and what is currently being implemented today. 2017 research cites that only 16% of sales, service, and marketing execs say they’ve completely defined their processes for embedding AI analysis into their business practices. Similarly, only 23% of business users interested in AI state confidence in the capacity/bandwidth of their employees to execute on an AI business strategy. Finally, 82% of IT teams say they’re experiencing a skills gap in data science, or anticipate such a skills gap within two years.

Another caveat to AI is receptivity from consumers. They are familiar with being given product recommendations based on social media activity and handing over purchasing data through a rewards program. It is unclear how to ensure trust when they are offered a seemingly human interaction solely through a machine. Any implementation of AI will still require attention to the customer experience and creating authentic messages.

AI cannot replace the creativity involved in sharing a relevant message. In fact, it may never will because it is argued that true intelligence requires creativity. Let’s leave that discussion for the philosophers and computer scientists among us. (Hope they talk to each other.)


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