COVID-19AP42’s Pandemic Marketing Survival Tips: Avoid the Email Blackhole

AP42’s Pandemic Marketing Survival Tips: Avoid the Email Blackhole

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With so many people working from home, and so many companies having dispersed workforces, email has never been so important. However, based upon the emails I’ve been receiving lately, a lot of companies are blowing it when sending customers emails.

Most businesses want to stay in touch with their customers via email in these uncertain times, but unfortunately, some fake news and dubious opportunity marketing messages are making their way into people’s inboxes. Because of this, email providers (Gmail, Yahoo, Outlook, etc.) are becoming increasingly vigilant in scanning emails with subject lines and content referring to the coronavirus.

We’re sharing a 9-tip guide with you on drafting sales emails based on Jill Konrath’s methodology. Jill creates fresh sales strategies that actually work in today’s business environment. I’m a big fan and tip #6 has increased my email responses.

Selling is tougher than ever before and yesterday’s sales strategies may no longer work. No matter how great your offering, you face the daunting task of coming across as trustworthy and authoritative. 

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