A decade ago marked the advent of immersive multi-user virtual worlds, where people could share experiences in a complex constructed virtual space. That’s still a complex technology to pull off, both in the creation of these virtual realities and engaging people with an experience that was both rich and simple. While progress continues on multi-user […]

A quick lesson in the Value-Integrator Organization (VIO) model will help you understand how the Hybrid Global Resources became an important part of our business. Western hierarchical (e.g. military-style hierarchies) organizations that had prospered in the 20th Century faced new challenges in the 21st Century1. These challenges included: information explosion globalization technology improvements time-based competition […]

Integrated marketing offers a variety of new ways to reach consumers and clients.  However, the changing marketing landscape has created substantial challenges to seeing return on investments.  If it feels like you spent 2013 chasing a moving target you’re not alone.  Many B2B and B2C companies struggle to implement a unified brand identity across multiple […]

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