Founded in 2010, Pinterest is still a relatively new social platform. The desktop website and mobile application focus on the visual aspect of inspiration and combine it with social functions. Users can create “boards” specific to different topics and post “pins” to them, essentially saving videos, pictures, and quotes that peak their interest. A relatively […]

In recent years, online display advertising click-through rates have been on the decline, hovering around .04%, leaving marketers, agencies and brand managers struggling to find new ways to reach and engage consumers. More and more, “native” ad content has been popping up all over the web to fill the void left by abysmal click-through rates. […]

The Supreme Court’s unanimous decision on cellphones and search warrants is interesting as it draws lines from the past through the present, and into the future. It concludes that those lines aren’t always continuous, and that shifts in technology require shifts in understanding. As with all decisions, the Court looks to the past at precedent, […]

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