Reap the benefits of the metaverse and stay ahead of the curve.

For business owners, Metaverse in a Box (MIB) can help increase brand visibility and gain a competitive advantage by offering unique and innovative experiences that set you apart fromthe competition.

Grab your share of the metaverse and get that competitive advantage.

Seamlessly integrate 3D objects and augmented reality (AR) into your existing website and print to bring your story to life and elevate your business by creating a real and lasting advantage.


Adds a pop to your print promotional materials.

Turn your capabilities brochure, postcard, or banner into stand-out moments for your prospects and existing customers with AR-powered visual spectacles that convert.

Starts at $759

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With Leads Accelerator, you get two options of immersive executions: a web storefront or a 3D product demo embedded on your website.

We’ll make it enjoyable for the visitors to learn more about your brand and your products with virtual spaces that win in both storytelling and sales.

Starts at $4999

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Improved customer engagement

AR can create immersive and interactive experiences that engage and inform customers in a fun and memorable way.

Data collection

AR can provide valuable insights into customer behavior, preferences, and purchasing patterns through the use of tracking and analysis tools.

Increased brand awareness

AR can help small businesses stand out and increase brand awareness by offering unique and innovative experiences.

Increased sales

AR can help small businesses increase sales by providing customers with an enhanced shopping experience and by increasing product exposure and awareness.

Enhanced product visualization

AR can allow customers to visualize products in their own space, helping them to make more informed purchasing

Improved customer service​

AR can help small businesses provide better customer service by offering virtual support and assistance.

Lower costs​

AR can provide a cost-effective alternative to physical prototypes and product demonstrations.

Competitive advantage​

Small businesses that adopt AR can gain a competitive advantage by offering unique and innovative experiences that set them apart from their competition.

Complimentary Metaverse Marketing 101 Playbook

This playbook is designed to provide small businesses with a comprehensive guide to marketing in the metaverse.

It covers the basics of the metaverse, provides strategies for reaching and engaging with the target audience, and offers real-world examples and case studies to help small businesses navigate the unique opportunities and challenges of marketing in the metaverse.