DIGITAL EXPERIENCENot Your Grandpa’s ViewMaster

Not Your Grandpa’s ViewMaster

When vying for attention it seems there is endless competition for screen time. The advent of easily accessible Virtual & Augmented Reality (VR & AR) will also add to this competition. But if executed in a proper way, using this technology in sharing the stories of products will cause an audience to crave more.

Augmented reality adds graphics, sounds, and haptic feedback (think, your phone vibrating as a response to how you move it) to your field of view through your screen. Virtual Reality fully immerses the user into an entirely different environment. The ability to place computer-generated graphics in their field of vision that seems to interact with the physical world is a captivating experience.

VR requires a special head set or a cheaper paper alternative (such as google cardboard) to be used with the smartphone. In contrast, AR can be used directly through the phone through an app and the phone’s camera. This allows AR to be cost-effective and intuitive to use.

Another cost-effective ability of AR is the updating of campaigns through the same platform. The app-enabled droids from Star Wars utilize AR through the smartphone. New content can be uploaded to the app in the anticipation for new films in the franchise. A similar concept can be utilized when audiences download an app from a company they can be alerted to new interactive opportunities added to the app.

Especially with the new releases of the next generation of smartphones and app-enabled products (i.e. toys such as the droids from Sphero) audiences will anticipate more opportunities to have AR experiences

AR is becoming ubiquitous and can augment ads in places as mundane as a bus stop to a cereal box. AR combines the whimsy of interaction, the captivation of video and an agility to tailor messages seamlessly.




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